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Market Report: 2015 Global Ethernet Transceiver Market Amounted To Us $1.8 Billion

Edit:Aifon Technology Co.,Ltd      Date:Nov 11, 2016

Amazon, Google and Microsoft all say they need fast Ethernet optical products, and 2015 has spent more than $250 million purchase of Ethernet transceivers. The next ten years (2016-2024), the company continues to lead the new data rate.

According to this report, 2015 global Ethernet transceiver 12.5% annual growth of sales revenue to $1.8 billion. Several major Web2.0/cloud computing company contributions are just small part of the market, but they are major buyers of 40GbE and 100GbE product.

In the latest five-year forecast, its forecast of overall sales than previous predictions fell 11%, this is mainly due to the 2015 Ethernet transceiver shipments than expected. Especially, 2015 40GbE 100 meters QSFP+, and 40GbE eSR 300 meters QSFP+ and 100GbE 10 km CFP2/4 of shipping volume below expected, and due to these products of price relative high, so on overall market sales income has significantly effect; second, 10GbE 10 km SFP+ transceiver device of shipping volume also than forecast of less has 2 million only, this also led to has overall market sales income of fell; last, Two new--40GbE eSR 300 m QSFP+ module and 100GbE 40 km – price much less than had been expected, which also affected the overall sales revenue.

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