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Industrial Ethernet Switch Market

Aifon Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 11, 2016

Industrial Ethernet switch market, electricity and rail transport is the focus of industrial switching applications, 70% per cent of the market. Industrial Ethernet switch market in China with approximately 50 companies. Industrial Ethernet switch market, China foreign-funded firms in the 15 or so, Taiwan-funded companies 3-4, 30 or so local manufacturers. Most local firms were local brands. Companies currently engaged in domestic industrial Ethernet switch market competition can be divided into two categories: the first is a professional manufacturer of industrial Ethernet switches. Hirschmann, Moda Massa, East Earth technology, Luo Jiekang, representatives of the ICT Excellence as is the professional manufacturer of industrial Ethernet switch market leading companies. Such enterprises seize market opportunities, develop faster, wider industry, higher market share. Hirschmann as in the electric power industry with superior resources, its domestic market share ranking first place within a short period will not change. Hirschmann product price is too high, next will face Moda Massa, Eastern, Luo Jiekang and other enterprises of science and technology challenges.

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