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Industrial Ethernet Switch In The Power Transport Industry Development

Edit:Aifon Technology Co.,Ltd      Date:Nov 11, 2016

According to market-research center, is an efficient industrial Ethernet local area networks, it is an important part of modern industrial automation production systems, whether it is produced or sensor data, device control, and so on, the Ethernet is needed to form the basic control network. This is why industrial Ethernet is widely used in the production of automation is one of the important reasons. Compared with conventional Ethernet, industrial Ethernet need to address an open, real-time, synchronous, reliability, safety and anti-interference, and many other issues, this is industrial automation vendors in general IT vendors can bring greater value to industrial users. Traditional Ethernet (Ethernet) is not designed for industrial applications, does not take into account the adaptability of industrial environment requires. Industrial site, climate, adverse conditions such as dust, so the equipment industrial high reliability requirements and in certain high-risk areas of application is extremely harsh.

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