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Fiber Optic Media Coverters Working Principle

Aifon Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 15, 2017

Fiber-optic Media converter is a kind Fiber Optic Media Coverters of similar to baseband modem (digital modem) equipment, and baseband modems are different access is fiber-optic line, fiber Media converter is the light signal. What is the working principle Fiber Optic Media Coverters of optical fiber media converters? The light cat is a kind of network equipment that the small and medium company includes the large company often uses. Fiber Optic Media Coverters Light Cat is the optical modem, is a photoelectric transceiver or fiber-optic media converter commonly known, there is not much difference between the two is to convert Fiber Optic Media Coverters fiber optic media to copper access. What is the working principle of optical fiber media converters?

Nowadays, when transmitting signals in long-distance distance, the transmission bandwidth of optical fibers is wide and the stability is good. Optical fiber Media Converters This requires the electrical signals generated by the computer or telephone or fax (we know the electrons that are generated by these devices), converting to optical signals can be transmitted in the optical fiber, which is Fiber Optic Media Coverters the optical fiber media converter, which can convert electrical signals to light signal, but also can convert optical signals into electrical signals. Optical Transceiver: Fiber transceiver is a short-distance twisted pair of electrical signals and long-distance optical signal interchange of the Ethernet Transmission media Conversion Unit, Fiber Optic Media Coverters in many places also known as fiber Media converter.

Fiber Optic Media Converter Fiber Optic Media Coverters products are generally used in Ethernet cables can not be overwritten, optical fibers must be used to extend the actual network environment of the transmission distance, and is usually located in the broadband metropolitan area Network access layer application, while helping to connect the last kilometer of optical fiber lines Fiber Optic Media Coverters to the metropolitan area Network and the more outer layer also play a tremendous role. Enterprises in the information infrastructure, usually more attention to routers, switches and even network adapters for node data exchange, but often ignore media conversion of this non-network core indispensable equipment.

Especially in some requirements Fiber Optic Media Coverters of high information level, large data flow of government agencies and enterprises, network construction needs to directly connect to the backbone of the transmission medium fiber optic network, while the internal LAN transmission medium is generally copper wire, to ensure that packets between different networks of the smooth transmission Fiber Optic Media Coverters of medium conversion equipment to become necessities. Optical Fiber Media Converter is the conversion of photoelectric signal in LAN, but only signal conversion, no interface protocol conversion. Generally used in the park network for a long distance, not suitable for the cloth twisted-pair environment. However, with the development of network technology, the concept of optical fiber media converter and cat is becoming more and more blurred, the recent two basic can unify the same device, the fiber media converter becomes the scientific name of the light cat.

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