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Fiber Optic Media Coverters Direct Signal

Aifon Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 09, 2017

Optical transceiver is the transmission of multiple E1 (a relay route, Fiber Optic Media Coverters usually at a rate of 2). 048Mbps, the standard for China and Europe to use the signal into a light signal and transmission equipment. Optical transceiver According to the number of transmission E1 port, the price is also different. Generally the smallest optical transceiver can transmit 4 of E1, the largest optical transceiver can transmit 4,032 E1.

Optical transceiver Light transmitter and off receiver, Fiber Optic Media Coverters optical transmitter is to accept electrical signals, converted into optical fiber transmission signal, and optical receiver ... The network video server is to accept the analog audio and video signal, Fiber Optic Media Coverters can be the camera and the monitor head direct signal, after the digital compression code, popular is MPEG-4, carries on the network transmission the specialized equipment, the video server generally all has the Ethernet RJ-45 interface and the FC interface, also has the SCSI interface external hard disk to carry on the front end storage, Fiber Optic Media Coverters he is often the language long-distance network monitoring system the most add the equipment.

The fiber-optic converter is an Ethernet transmission media conversion unit that swaps the short distance twisted-pair electrical signals and long-distance optical signals, and is also called a photoelectric converter in many places. So what is the principle of the optical fiber converter? Next we will come to the detailed understanding of the next.

Now in the long-distance transmission signal, is the use of optical fiber transmission,Fiber Optic Media Coverters  fiber transmission bandwidth is wide, good stability. This requires an electrical signal generated by a computer or telephone or facsimile (we know that these electronic devices produce electronic signals), Fiber Optic Media Coverters the conversion of the optical signal can be transmitted in the optical fiber, which is the photoelectric converter, which can convert the electrical signal into a light signal, Fiber Optic Media Coverters but also can convert the optical signal into an electrical signal.

1. With $number, duplex/full adaptive function

2. Electric mouth with mdi-ii and mdi-x automatic recognition function, automatic detection, automatic learning, Compatibility good

3. With storage and forwarding storage buffer, effectively improve the transmission efficiency of terminal equipment, and realize the function of flow control, broadcast isolation and error detection.

4. Support for IEEE802.1q network features can ensure the backbone of most mainstream products, such as cross switch VLAN, trunk and other functions

5. Supports the LFP (link Fault pass-through) feature, which automatically detects that the other ports of the link are forced to stop transmission when any port in the link is disconnected

According to optical fiber to divide, can be divided into Multimode fiber transceiver and Single-mode fiber transceiver. Because of the use of different fiber, transceiver can transmit the distance is not the same, Multimode transceiver general transmission distance between 2 kilometers to 5 kilometers, Fiber Optic Media Coverters and the single mode transceiver coverage can range from 20 km to 120 kilometers. It is necessary to point out that the transmission power, receiver sensitivity and wavelength of the fiber transmitter are different depending on the transmitting distance.

As the name suggests, the single fiber equipment can save half of the fiber, that is, in a fiber to achieve data reception and transmission, Fiber Optic Media Coverters in the optical fiber resource tension is very suitable. This kind of product uses the technology of wavelength division multiplexing, the use of wavelengths of more than 1310nm and 1550nm. However, because the single fiber transceiver products do not have unified international standards, Fiber Optic Media Coverters so different manufacturers of products in the interconnection may be incompatible situation. In addition, because of the use of wavelength division multiplexing, Fiber Optic Media Coverters single fiber transceiver products are generally characterized by large signal decay. Currently on the market, the fiber transceiver is a dual fiber products, Fiber Optic Media Coverters such products are more mature and stable, but need more fiber.

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