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Benefits Flow Eruption High-end Optical Module Market In High Growth

Edit:Aifon Technology Co.,Ltd      Date:Nov 11, 2016

1) flow eruption, maps in the level of core network infrastructure hosting hardware is a light module, carrier optical transport network, Internet, cloud computing data center market driven demand continued rapid growth in the next five years, 5G even better;

2) optical module package to China trend of optical chip design catching up fast (optical chip-design-components package, vertical integration)

3) barriers to industrial persistent (10G->40G->100G->400G), the King left, high-end optical modules in Enterprise profitability continued to improve.

From the trend of the industrial structure, optical module is ushering in global markets "from low-end to high-end, from the United States and Japan to China" and a historical opportunity for the outbreak of Internet traffic. The future, mastering high-end optical device technologies (particularly chips), to seize the Chinese market (especially in the data center market) mode

Manufacturers to usher in a huge room for growth, grafting and global resources of the Chinese market, Chinese products cost-effective will become inevitable, the world entered "oligarchy + China time". Meanwhile, Huawei, ZTE, fiberhome represents China "think tank" has dominated global industrial dominance and good competition, industrial barriers

High, will continue to benefit from digital dividend flow eruption, also led the domestic optical module enterprise global position continue to improve.

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