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Application Data Center Network Switches Back To Life Two Of The Secret

Edit:Aifon Technology Co.,Ltd      Date:Nov 11, 2016

White-box switch is a common network operating system installed or bare-metal switches. Bare-metal switches provide an open, standard interface. Is now on various network operating systems that meet the interface was designed.

White-box switch provides the following benefits: lower prices, to increase flexibility, while open, Intel architecture-based servers compared with the earlier products reduce server costs. System administrators can choose the server's processing speed and memory capacity to meet your application needs, you can also choose to install

Any of the Windows or other Linux version to run. Meanwhile, the network administrator can provide the bare metal from any one by one switch vendor selection switches to meet capacity requirements, and then select a network operating system that meets the open switch interface. For white-box for switches, network

Collateral can either download a free version of the operating system, could also use some manufacturers such as the Big Switch, Cumulus or Pica8 support and maintenance of operating systems.

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