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Analysis On The Three Drivers 100G Ethernet Market Development Trend

Aifon Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 11, 2016

(1) the structure and flow of a data center

At present, the transmission technology of fiber industries up to a gigabit per second (10G) and 40,000 megabits per second (40G), which have been around for a long time. These techniques are effective, and most people have no objection to this. For most users, the 40G transfer speed to spare. Data transmission the problem became apparent in the data center. Internet content providers and enterprise scale in the cloud, and traffic will continue to grow.

According to company forecasts, global data centers of Internet Protocol (IP) traffic annually over the next five years will grow at a rate of 31%. Changes the way people use the Internet to promote this growth. Cloud computing is large and growing volume of data, global mobile device access video content social media more and more data.

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