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Why are measurement of optical fiber bi-directional test?

Source: | Updated: Nov 11, 2016

No two optical fibers is exactly the same, we must keep in mind. From the heart to the outside diameter of the epidermis is different, there are central and connectivity are likely different. If the fiber connections and access a link adapter, any more than there are situations that do not match can cause decay. In addition attenuation of the optical fiber directionality is very particular about. We want to know from End1 and End2 attenuation and End2 to End1 is likely different.

Attenuation which direction do we use? If you know the direction of the transfer, you can use the same transmission attenuation the attenuation of this link. But the problem is often when you are installing fiber in the building don't know how end transmission. In such cases, you will use the most conservative way to test, which is bi-directional tests, with the worst decay parameter values to evaluate whether this link you can use standard.

Installation standards recognized in the optical test pattern, also provides test methods. You can splice or connector or any other method of optical fibers into a backbone link. When you test the backbone link, at least in one direction at a time. (It is suggested that a two-way test should be a better way). In accordance with the same criteria, you can have only one level consisting of fiber-optic links in order to improve efficiency, you can test only one direction.

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