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Optical switching technology and application of comprehensive analysis

Source:      Date:Nov 11, 2016

Light switch is the key to all-optical switching device, can be realized in all-optical routing, wavelength selective optical cross connect, and self-healing protection, etc. At present optical switches the main applications include:

Optical cross connect (OXC). OXC optical switch array, the main dynamic optical path management, fault protection, flexible optical network to increase new business and so on. Main requirements of optical cross-connect switches are low insertion loss, low crosstalk and low switching time and the non-blocking operation.

Automatic protection switching of optical switch network. When fibre fracture or transmission failure, you can change the business route through optical switching, achieving protection for business. Usually this protection switch one 1x2 light switch port, you can achieve.

Network monitoring with 1xN optical switch. Remote fibre test point 1xN optical switch receives a fiber optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR), through light switch switch for all fiber monitoring. Or insert a network Analyzer in network analysis online.

Optical component testing. Optical devices, optical fibers, and subsystem products during the testing process, you can use the light switch test on multiple devices to simplify testing and improve efficiency

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