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ODF unit Kit in action:

Source: | Updated: Nov 11, 2016

ODF unit Kit is an important equipment in optical transmission system, it is mainly used for optical fiber splicing cable terminal, connector installation, optical transfer, redundant fiber storage and protection of cables, it is important for safe operation and flexibility in the use of optical fiber communication network. In the past more than 10 years, optical communications cables usually used in the construction of a few cores to dozens of cores, ODF unit box of capacity are generally below the 100-core, the ODF unit Kit is more and more a pigtail small storage capacity, the deployment of connection inconvenient, fewer features and shortcomings of simple structure. Optical communications has now in the trunk and local network widely used in the transmission, optical fiber has also become a development trend of access network. In new fiber-optic network around, try to use core cable, this tank has a capacity of ODF unit, function and structure of higher demand

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