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Market prospect analysis of fiber-optic connectors and price trend

Source: | Updated: Nov 11, 2016

In recent years, with the expansion of optical communication, especially to meet the fiber access network and fiber to the home (FHHT) the need of countries compete to develop various models and specifications of the new fiber optic connectors, these product properties and low cost are a significant improvement. Optical fiber connector, optical and optoelectronic devices fiber-optic technology have enjoyed great development. Fiber optic connector physical dimensions and shape change have been concerned by product developers and end users. Fiber optic connectors as the core device of optical interconnection product family, is indispensable to most commonly used in optical fiber communication system the sustainability of optical passive devices is the optical fiber and optical fiber, optical fiber and instrument quickly and reliably pass, breaking a connection between means. With the development of optical fiber communications, optical fiber connector in the past ten years notable progress has also been made. Due to many LAN in the of application only requirements using two root fiber, so in most situation Xia need using double core fiber connection device. currently fiber products of price than yiqian low, manufacturer think future of price space has is unlikely to, and now single die fiber connection device special by welcomes, some fiber connection device manufacturer is expected to, on not needed plating of plastic fiber connection device of needs also in growth

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