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3D interference indicators--high fiber optic connector

Source: | Updated: Nov 11, 2016

There are three important technical parameters of measurement of optical fiber connector endface geometry: radius of curvature, vertex offset height and core to form 3 d interference index.

1. Radius of curvature

Points on a curve near the radius of curvature is defined as "comes as the the maximum radius of the arc. "Face-to-face ends justify the rings of radius of curvature radius of the shaft, that is to say, ferrule end face curve radius. Radius of curvature of the compression force control center keep fibers matching power. Increases or decreases the curvature RADIUS fiber failure pressures aging will cause the fiber Center spacing of the final match.

2. Vertex offset

Ferrule end face vertex offset curves of the highest point is the distance of the axis of the fiber core. Offset will increase if large insertion loss and return loss, affect the results of the connection.

3. Core height

Height height of the fibre core fibre ferrule end face to face in the distance. Fiber height of the indicators used to measure optical fiber and fiber optic contacts when the material is extended or shortened fibre depressions will form an air gap between the fiber connections, change the insertion and return loss. Height will increase the pressure between the cellulose fibers, thus breaking the fibers; pass the pressure to fix the light?? Or materials to repair the damage and affect performance and stability.

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